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Bio-Infusions Cleopatra

Fractional Transbrasion is an advanced method of exfoliation, hydration, nutrition and skin rejuvenation that allows the introduction of specific active ingredients to perform a wide range of skin treatments.

An ideal solution for healthy and renewed skin:

Wet abrasion

3D cellular-skin peeling using MIRAbrasor accessories that cause a gentle exfoliation of the skin thanks to the synergistic action with exfoliating serums.

Wet microneedling

The MIRArollers accessories regenerate the skin and deliver antioxidant and anti-aging serums, providing a pleasant, moist and refreshing sensation as they glide over the skin in a gentle and painless way. We moisturize, nourish and rejuvenate the skin thanks to the synergic action of the roller, the vacuum system and the application of serums.


It is a System that goes beyond Beauty, with a unique associated combination of treatments, which in essence, combines: Beauty, Seduction, Elegance, Health and Irresistible Skin Appearance. A Complete and Revolutionary Bio-Stimulation and Transdermal Delivery System for the treatment of a variety of skin conditions and aging.

Cleopatra Dermal Infusion system improves circulation, lymphatic drainage and can also treat a wide variety of skin conditions such as: wrinkles and fine lines, open pores, skin tone and texture, improve hydration and reduce skin dryness, hyperpigmentation, acne, sagging, improve the appearance of existing scars and stretch marks.

This system is designed for all skin types. Regardless of the condition or type of skin you have, CLEOPATRA will transform it in the best possible way. For Fresh, Firm and Radiant Skin, with CleoFrac’s Exclusive Five-Step Procedure, you will achieve excellent results that last!


It is a technique that improves the appearance of facial skin in cases of scars caused by acne, previous surgeries or accidents. It can also be used to improve the appearance of fine wrinkles around the mouth and to remove precancerous lesions (actinic keratoses). Dermabrasion removes the most superficial layers of the skin using a controlled surgical method. It can be performed on the entire face or on a specific area, and can be performed as the only option, or as a complement to other techniques, such as facelift, laser resurfacing or chemical peel.

The ideal candidates for dermabrasion are adults of all ages, physically and psychologically healthy, who have realistic expectations of the degree of improvement they can achieve. The indication is less in people with dark skin since the treated areas may lighten after the operation. People with skin allergies and those with a tendency to develop herpes or fever blisters may experience reactivation. Freckles may be lost in the treated area.

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Bio-Infusions Cleopatra

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