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Cosmeceuticals are elemental to the success of a variety of aesthetic treatments. These products merge cosmetics with pharmaceuticals, with formulas that penetrate the epidermis, and aid in the treatment of various patient conditions. By using top cosmeceuticals in conjunction with aesthetic treatments, you maximize patient results, thus ensuring the success of your practice.

There are certainly a variety of brands and cosmeceutical manufacturers on the market. However, none surpass Bio-Infusions USA. If you want to boost your practice, you must learn more about this brand, as well as the incredible selection of Bio-Infusions Cosmeceuticals & products we have for you at Medical Purchasing Resource.

Why Choose Bio-Infusions USA?

This brand is a subsidiary of Bio-Infusions S.A. one of the top brands in the development of serums for aesthetic treatments using dermal infusion systems. They have one of the most advanced development teams and the strictest quality controls in both ingredients and final products. That is why they produce the best cosmeceuticals to complement aesthetic treatments. To administer the serums, they developed the Cleopatra Dermal Infusion System, which is a piece of revolutionary equipment with which you can administer the treatment, and take your practice to the next level.

Here Are Some of the Amazing Bio-Infusions Products We Have For You

  • Bio-Infusions – CleoAbrasor – MIRAbrasor – eMRA600F: This rectangular Cleopatra System head is ideal for delivering world-class exfoliation. It helps to eliminate the skin barrier, allowing solutions and other treatments to enter the skin. It allows the penetration of the molecules into the skin thanks to the micro-encapsulation of the bioactive ingredients.
  • Bio-Infusions – CleoFrac – MIRAroller – MR050: the micro-needles of this head penetrate the skin and create micro-channels, while you make circular movements. This allows the best absorption of the serums and products administered, which is boosted thanks to the vacuum system. Besides, it helps to increase the production of collagen and elastin.
  • Clear Skin Serum, Bio-Infusion, Single Bottle: this incredible serum for acne-prone skin is on par with products from the prestigious Envy brand, such as Silkpeel™, Dermal Infusion™, or DiamondGlow™. It has an extraordinary seborrhea-regulating action and promotes the skin healing process. It allows for the restoration of skin texture, improves radiance, and stimulates cell renewal.
  • HydraBoost Serum, Bio-Infusion, 12 Bottles / Pkg: ideal for deep and long-lasting hydration. Restores the dermal barrier, increasing the water content of the skin. Also, it promotes hyaluronic acid and collagen production for long-lasting hydration. Helps increase Involucrin, Filaggrin, and Aquaporin-3.
  • PrevenOX-C Serum, Bio-Infusion, 12 Bottles / Pkg: has a powerful antioxidant effect, helping to increase collagen and elastin. Reduces skin redness and chronic inflammation. Improves skin texture, preventing signs of fatigue.

Get The Most of Bio-Infusions USA with Us

Only at Medical Purchasing resource will you find the widest variety of Bio-Infusions cosmeceuticals for your practice. We are your trusted aesthetics products provider, committed to providing you 100% satisfaction with our products and services. Enjoy the most competitive prices in the market, top-quality customer service, and the backing of our 20+ years in the industry. Contact us and inquire about our products and services.

Bio-Infusions Cosmeceuticals

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