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One of the biggest challenges when performing aesthetic treatments is a patient’s aversion to pain. Generally, pain in cosmetic procedures is mild (even more so today with all the advances in the industry). However, some patients have a very low pain threshold, generating on them discomfort and anxiety states. This can significantly compromise the practice and the results of the procedures.

In these cases, the wisest thing to do is to apply some medication that alleviates these symptoms, providing a calm experience to the person and avoiding compromising the result. Among the medicine alternatives, topical Lidocaine is the best one. You should know the characteristics of the product so that you know why it is the best option, and also where you can buy the best topical Lidocaine in the market.

What Is Topical Lidocaine?

Lidocaine, also known as Lignocaine (or Xylocaine by its trade name) is one of the most traditional anesthetics. It belongs to the amino amide type anesthetics, and in its topical version, it helps to significantly relieve pain and inflammation in the area where it is applied. Buying and applying a top cream of Lidocaine to the area where the aesthetic treatment is going to be applied will help you to perform the session without the patient having any discomfort or pain from the procedure.

The Best Anesthetic Option

There are other alternatives to anesthetize the patient in the application of aesthetic treatment, but topical Lidocaine is always the best choice. For example, the patient can take oral anesthetics, but these can cause drowsiness, thus interfering with their activities or preventing them from driving. The other option is to inject Lidocaine, but most people are more afraid of needles than of the aesthetic treatment itself. When you purchase and apply topical Lidocaine, you only numb the area where you are going to apply the treatment, with immediate effect, and no major side effects.

Curist’s Lidocaine: Allergy Relief

Our product can help patients do much more than endure the potential discomfort of a cosmetic procedure. Lidocaine can help with conditions such as hives and itching by numbing the area and providing immediate relief. It is ideal for the post-cosmetic treatment period, or when getting a tattoo for example. It is the best allergy medicine compared to other options such as levocetirizine from Xyzal Generic (Generic Xyzal Levocetirizine 5 mg) which is an antihistamine that can bring various side effects.

Get the Best Lidocaine at Medical Purchasing Resource

Curist – Lidocaine 5% (OTC) Numbing Cream – 6oz / 170g: is the best topical lidocaine on the market, as its concentration is 5% (higher than Aspercreme or Preparation H which only have 4%). Its effect is almost immediate, blocking the nerves in the area where it is applied, thus avoiding discomfort during the aesthetic consultation. It is ideal for a variety of procedures including tattoos, electrolysis, laser, peels, or micro-needling. Our extraordinary 170g presentation is the best price/value option on the market.

Shop at the Best

At Medical Purchasing Resource we have everything you need for first-class aesthetic practices. We have the widest selection of equipment and products in the industry, with the highest quality, and at the most competitive prices. It’s time to take your practice to the next level, contact us and inquire about our products and services.


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