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Dual Diagnosis Malibu

Dual Diagnosis Malibu

Studies show a clear relationship between drug addiction and mental health and that it is impossible to deal with one without going over the other. Substance abuse tends to be the cover that hides several emotional and mental anguishes and the aftermath of continued drug use even if you started the habit for social pleasure. We perform a dual diagnosis to establish how one influences the other and how our mental health managing center can help you kick the habit and form lasting nurturing ones.

Everything You Should Know About Dual Diagnosis

Can You Tell Whether You Have Dual Diagnosis?

How to deal with dual diagnosis in Malibu? The sign of dual diagnosis vary with each person and will never look the same for two people. Some people can mask their depression and drug use, so it would be impossible to tell if they have a dual diagnosis. In contrast, others will spiral out of control or develop schizophrenia, anti-social behaviors, and many more.

Dual diagnosis can include more than one type of behavior or mental disorder, and the only way to outline all of them is to go through professionals. The results from dual diagnosis will guide our co-occurring disorder and dual diagnosis treatment center in creating the right combination of treatments, so you never struggle with issues that we could have fixed.

Types Of Dual Diagnosis

Dual diagnosis includes more than one type of test because we are looking to identify many things like depression, anxiety, bipolar disorders, and much more. Hundreds of people suffering from dual diagnosis issues will need an array of tests pairings, including physical exams, blood work, mental evaluations, and more.

Importance Of Going Through Dual Diagnosis

NIDA states that more than 40% of everyone suffering from drug addiction needs professional dual diagnosis treatment because it is impossible to pull things through alone. More than 18% of people with mental disorders struggle with keeping a healthy diet, forming straight thoughts, negative self-talk, and finding a circle that will allow better mental health. The need for dual diagnosis is to identify the bio makeup causing the pattern, so we can recreate it anew and give you the mental and physical tools needed for faster recovery.

Why Do Most Facilities Lack Dual Diagnosis?

Dual diagnosis is a long-term treatment that will not manifest the results in a matter of weeks. Many dual diagnosis treatment centers in Malibu are not successful enough to offer all the services and resources needed for dual treatment and would have to invest a lot of money to introduce these systems to their old approaches.

We are a luxury rehab facility in Malibu that offers a combination of treatment methods to help treat patients who need more than one health service. Our extensive experience in the field lets us know what we have to test and how best we can help you or a loved one with custom treatment plans for common conditions with a dual diagnosis.

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Dual Diagnosis Malibu

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