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Dublin Ca Urgent Care

Dublin Ca Urgent Care

Did you ever need to choose between going to an urgent care clinic and going to the ER? The two aren’t the same, and the services they provide aren’t the same either. So, what do you choose? Well, at the Dublin CA urgent care clinic, we take care of non-emergency situations. Instant Urgent Care offers comprehensive services that we would do better to explain.

What can urgent care centers treat?

Well, our hospital in Dublin offers a variety of services both at our physical location and through telemedicine:

  • Primary care – adult exams, wellness child exams, specialty care referrals
  • Urgent care – things like sprains, fractures, cold & flu symptoms, cuts and injuries, infections, etc
  • Pediatric health – vaccinations, wellness exams, sports physicals
  • Chronic care – diabetes, heart disease, substance abuse treatment
  • Preventive care – STD testing, chronic disease screenings, flu shots
  • Lab and x-ray – blood testing, urinalysis, x-ray, and imaging
  • Women’s health – breast exams, cervical exams, pregnancy testing, birth control

Therefore, our urgent care in Dublin services refer to all non-emergency situations. Our clinic and all other urgent care clinics take care of issues that you can generally delay for a few days. In this sense, we offer the highest level of care and expertise that our chief experts can muster.

At what point should I go to the ER?

This is where the comparison between an urgent care clinic and the ER becomes essential. While you could have visited our leading urgent care clinic in Dublin for non-emergency issues like flu, a fracture, or a cut, you can’t come to us for other issues. You should go to the ER when your medical issues suffer no delay, and they are extremely life-threatening.

We’re talking about things like a sudden loss of consciousness, massive abdominal pains, severe bleeding that doesn’t stop, and so on. These are major problems that require immediate attention and the conditions that only the ER possesses. However, if your issues aren’t as severe, we fully welcome you at the best Dublin walk-in clinic where we accept same-day appointments and walk-in visits.

Is ER or urgent care better?

The thing is, both the ER and an urgent care clinic have their own uses, advantages, and disadvantages. The most important thing you should know is that we offer non-emergency treatment in Dublin, CA. The keyword here is “emergency.” Like we previously said, we classify an emergency as a serious life-threatening condition that only the ER can take care of in due time. They have specific equipment to take care of these situations efficiently.

As for our urgent care clinic, we haven’t designed it for emergency medical problems. That’s not what an urgent care clinic is in the first place. At Instant Urgent Care, we provide primary care, urgent care, pediatric care, and everything else that is a non-emergency. However, if you could use the Dublin CA urgent care, we will provide unmatched medical services and every comfort you can think of. Contact us or just stop by to speak with a doctor!

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