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Bio-Infusions Cleopatra Dermal Infusion System

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SKU: Cleopatra 110V

Advanced Fractional Bio-Infusion System

CLEOPATRA, “a woman of surpassing beauty,” stands for it’s powerful associations that captures the essence of our unique treatment: Beautiful, Powerful, Seductive, Irresistible, Brilliant and Regal.

A Revolutionary Approach to the Improvement of a Variety of Skin Conditions and Signs of Aging.
A complete Bio-Stimulation and Transdermal Delivery System.

CLEOPATRA system helps to smoothen fine lines, reduce pore size, improve skin tone and texture, brighten dull skin, reduce dryness and improve hydration, reduce the appearance of blemishes, and tighten skin.

Designed for all skin types.

Fresh, Firm and Radiant Skin with CLEOPATRA‘s Unique Five Step Process; Unsurpassed Results that Last!

Regardless of your skin type or skin condition, CLEOPATRA transforms for your best skin possible.

CLEOPATRA How does it work?

1- Detoxify Targeted Lymphatic Drainage Cupping Therapy cleanses and removes toxins to achieve brighter, healthier skin.

  • Relieve tension and relax the muscles to improve the effectiveness of the following treatment modalities
  • Target the lymphatic system with a massage to help drain toxins that can cause breakouts, discoloration, and uneven skin tone

2- Exfoliate and Evacuate Exfoliation, Evacuation and Infusion of Advanced Bio-Active Serums via Vacuum Assisted Dermal Abrasion.

  • Extract and Purify, leaving skin radiant.
  • Reveals fresh skin clarifying and evening skin tone, without irritation.
  • Dead cells, dirt and impurities are cleansed away.
  • To improve the appearance of skin conditions.
  • Exfoliation, Evacuation and Infusions of Bio-Active Serums via Vacuum Assisted Dermal Abrasion.

3- Infuse Infusion of Advanced Bio-Active Serums through Micro-channeling with Vacuum-Assisted Infusion.

  • Innovative design that creates micro-channels, delivering Advanced Bio-Active Serums deep into the skin, providing a smooth, youthful, glowing complex and long-term skin improvement.
  • The gentle pressure of the sealed Vacuum System helps deep infusion of Bio-Active Serums that hydrate and target specific skin problems.

4- Re-Educate Low-level Microamps relax overused facial muscles and stimulate underused ones for an effective, non-invasive “Facelift.”

  • Low-level microamps relax overused facial muscles and stimulated underused ones for an effective, non-invasive “facelift”
  • Microcurrent waves help with deeper penetration of Bio-Active serums for improved effects and hydration.

5- LED Therapy Bio-Stimulation, Anti-Inflammation, Anti-Bacterial Action, Skin Tightening, Skin Brightening, through LED Light Therapy.

  • LED Light Therapy helps create a flawless firm complexion.
  • Minimizes redness and reduces inflammation while helping to eliminate bacteria.
  • Green, Blue, and Red Light options to customize your LED therapy regimen to your client’s needs.
  • All the advantages of LED Light Therapy for that Youthful Skin You Deserve.

4 Bio-Active Serums

CLEOPATRA Uses Advanced Bio-Infusion to Trigger Cellular Responses for Specific Skin Conditions.

Our Bio-Active Serums were developed using the most advanced state-of-the-art ingredients.
Our actives are encapsulated for stable delivery and our botanical extracts are of the highest standard.

Free of Parabens, Propylene Glycol and Fragrance.


Biological Hydration Activator


Blemish Prone Skin


Even-Out and Brighten Skin


Powerful Anti-Oxidant

Get in your best skin ever!

CLEOPATRA Fractional Bio-infusion System offers multiple treatment options for both the face and body, combining the most effective skin procedures in use today: Dermabrasion + Micro-channeling + Infusion of Bio-Active Serums + LED Light Therapy, Improving the appearance of skin conditions such as: clarification, hydration, brightening or anti-aging.

CLEOPATRA is German technology utilizing
Advanced Bio-Active Serums

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