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DermaSculpt - 27G x 1½" (38mm) - Box 20 Cannulas


SKU: 27G38G

27G x 1½” (38mm), Box of 20 Cannulas

DermaSculpt blunt-tip, flexible microcannula: Your number one choice for atraumatic filler injections!

DermaSculpt microcannula is much safer than using a classical sharp needle. Dermasculpt’s blunt-tip slides under the skin and does not cut through vessels and tissues but rather navigates smoothly through the dermis and Sub-Q layer. Thanks to the Hub marking you know the direction of the opening at all times. More control, more precision, better results!

  • Gauge: 27G
  • Length: 1½” (38mm)
  • Application: For medium concentration and viscosity HA fillers
  • Areas: Most versatile size, used for most facial indications

*Comes packaged together with Sharp Needles of corresponding Gauge

  • New
  • Brand Name: DermaSculpt Microcannulas
  • Part Number: 27G38G