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The purchase of Les Encres Cosmetic Threads is available only to Licensed Medical professionals.
The sale of some Les Encres, LLC products may be subject to regulation by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration and state and local regulatory agencies.

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Everything we do is to enhance your vision of beauty.

We believe the body is a canvas, our clinical tools are the ink and each skilled brush stroke reverses the effects of time.

Through the efficient distribution of superior medical devices and the delivery of uncompromised educational services to clinical and aesthetic professionals, we help bring the artistry of cosmetic threading to life.

An Introduction to Les Encres from CEO Stacey Reynolds – You Tube – 32:18mins


For The Face
A cosmetic thread procedure offers mirror-like effects of the more invasive, surgical face-lift procedure without the added pain and hassle.

For The Body
Reduce the appearance of cellulite on the buttocks and thighs, give a slight lift to breasts and knees while minimizing sagging skin all over.

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Les Encres is dedicated to raising the standards of safety and product quality in cosmetic threading.

We designed our product pouch to resist heat and moisture maintaining product stability and viability. This is a crucial step in quality product delivery. If the contents of the pouches are not diligently protected from heat, light and moisture the chemical compound of the sutures can begin to breakdown and oxidize. By customizing our bag to add an additional layer of protection we are helping maintain the stability and integrity of the thread.

The Les Encres Technique

Through the use of task-specific threads, rejuvenation of the skin and lifting of ptotic tissue can be achieved.

Skin rejuvenating and textural appearance can occur using non-anchored, monofilament threads.  By placing PDO threads in a lattice-styled pattern, a framework of collagen develops providing the appearance of more youthful skin, eliminating fine lines/rhytids, and improving the appearance of tone and texture. Routinely inserted via a 26-30g mounted needle, PDO threads are placed with precision into the subcutaneous (intradermal, hypodermal) layer for soft tissue augmentation. Due to the minimally invasive technique and through the use of topical anesthetics, the patient experiences minimal discomfort.

Non-surgical lifting of the brow, face, neck, and body may be achieved utilizing a combination therapy including barbed threads. Barbed threads are placed using a blunt-tipped cannula which minimizes trauma and decreases the risk for large vessel and nerve damage.  This mechanical lifting of the tissue can achieve desirable results while providing a longer-lasting effect than most other modalities. Additionally, the use of PDO threads provides an increase/return in volume which is lost during the aging process.  All thread options are not permanent nor require removal, but dissolve over time.

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