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StrataPen (SkinStylus) Microneedling Device


SKU: StrataPen

SOLD – No Longer Available

Looking for a “starter” system that doesn’t skimp on features?

The STRATAPEN™ MicroSystem QuickStart Gold Kit includes:  (now named SkinStylus)

  • One STRATAPEN™ Motor Unit
  • One Removeable Nose Cone that can be Reprocessed in an Autoclave
  • One Rechargeable, Extended Run-Time Lithium Battery
  • TWO Power Options: BOTH Corded and Cordless

No Disposable Needles Included with Sale of this device. 

  • Pre-Owned
  • SOLD - No Longer Available
  • Brand Name: Strata SkinSciences
  • Part Number: StrataPen


STRATAPEN™ microdevices are marketed for and have an intended use for micropigmentation.

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