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Month: July 2023

Exosomes vs PRP: Who Gets Our Vote as the Future of Regenerative Aesthetics

Ready to switch up your aesthetic routine? Exosome therapy is the way of the future. Read more about it in our latest blog on exosomes vs PRP!

Unlocking Hidden Savings: How Auditing Your Supplies Can Help Your Medical Practice’s Bottom Line

Smart practices start with smart inventory auditing: learn more about how to save money in our July 2023 blog post.

Creative Ways to Spend or Save Your Business Funds: Insights from an Aesthetic Professional

For any business, a financial audit is vital as it can help you identify ways to spend or save your money. For med spa owners and medical aesthetic professionals, this is an excellent opportunity to re-examine your budget, save money, and see if there are any areas you could redirect funds for maximum impact. Invest…