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About Us

As a medical professional, you want your patients to feel their best, but you need the right tools to help them do so. Med Purchasing is committed to providing you the affordable like-new medical equipment you need so you can continue to serve your clients at the highest level.

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Your Go-to for New & Like-New Medical Equipment

Med Purchasing is a Texas-based, privately-held corporation with over 20+ years of experience buying, selling, re-marketing, and re-deploying new and used aesthetic and medical equipment.

Med Purchasing specializes in their product base of aesthetic and surgical lasers, micro-needling systems, facial procedural systems, cellulite reduction equipment, microdermabrasion systems, and aesthetic consumables; all for competitive prices. The business is founded on years of relationship-building with device manufacturers, financing companies, and physicians. Here are just a few reasons why business owners choose to buy from Med Purchasing

  • Hands On, Personalized Customer Service
  • Blue Dot® Certification
  • Preferred Partner of Top Industry Brands
  • Competitive Pricing
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Industry Expert & Trusted Supplier for Over 25 Years

After many years of working in the aesthetics industry and building relationships along the way, George Beach founded Med Purchasing with a mission: to provide access to quality new and like-new medical equipment at an affordable cost. With his extensive knowledge of medical equipment combined with decades worth of dedicated networking experience, George offers personalized attention from start to finish – all while saving clients' money. As a Texas native who is passionate about what he does for people in his field, it's no surprise that Med Purchasing has been successful since its inception back in 2000!