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Meet the Microcannula That Revolutionized The Aesthetic Industry!

DermaSculpt is the original and leading brand of flexible, blunt-tip microcannulas that allow for smooth injections of fillers. With our superior quality, safety, and efficacy, it’s no wonder why we’re the ultimate choice of microcannula by cosmetic injectors in the US for more than a decade!

The Safe Way To Inject Is With DermaSculpt!

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What is a Dermasculpt Microcannula®?

A blunt cannula allows blood vessels to be ‘pushed aside’ as the microcannula moves around the tissue under the skin instead of piercing the blood vessels as with traditional needles.

Why is injecting with a Dermasculpt Microcannula® better than using a sharp needle?

The cannulas are highly advantageous in that they are safer, more accurate, cause virtually no bruising when performed correctly, and do not require any kind of injected anesthesia or blocks in most cases.  The pain, bruising, swelling, and length of the procedure have been significantly reduced with these cannulas.

How many skin punctures are made during the procedure?

Using cannulas will decrease the amount of punctures made into the skin. With only one or two skin entries, almost the entire desired area can be treated.

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We’re proud to carry top brands of refurbished medical equipment and aesthetics products like DermaSculpt Microcannulas® . If you are looking to supply your practice with everyday use medical consumables or medical devices from DermaSculpt Microcannulas® we are here to help.

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