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ProPatch+™ The Future of Nutrient Delivery
Professional Line of Topical Supplement Patches


  • Gold standard Medical Grade Patch Technology
  • 40% of Adults have difficulty swallowing pills
  • All natural, gluten free, latex free, and NO Fillers & Binders (Most pills contain over 50% fillers & binders)
  • Physician formulated
  • Clinically tested ingredients known to correlate with specific aesthetic treatments and for a total health and wellness lifestyle
  • Sold through professionals and NOT sold on Amazon.
  • Made in the USA and the quality and satisfaction is guaranteed.
  • The technology behind ProPatch+™ was originally designed for post-bariatric surgery patients who had difficulty with their vitamins & nutrients and required IV supplements. With our transdermal patch technology, these patients could receive nutrients into the bloodstream with ease and better compliance.
  • Available in 90-Day and 30-Day packs. Use 1 patch per day of each patch.
  • Wear all 3 patches – The ingredients of each patch complement each other without excessive duplication of ingredients.


RenewPatch (Anti-Aging Collagen + Nutrition for Skin & Hair Renewal)

SculptPatch (Body Shaping Supplement)

VitriPatch (Multivitamin + Vital Nutrients)



ProPatch+™ technology delivers natural ingredients with a small transdermal patch.

The ingredients pass into the dermis and circulatory system without having the reduced GUT absorption, therefore higher concentrations of the natural ingredients are absorbed.


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    ProPatch+ Horizontal Acrylic Rack
    Part Number: PPPHR
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    ProPatch+ RenewPatch - 30 Day Supply
    Part Number: PPPRP30
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    ProPatch+ RenewPatch - 90 Day Supply
    Part Number: PPPRP90
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    ProPatch+ SculptPatch - 30 Day Supply
    Part Number: PPPSP30
  • image description
    ProPatch+ SculptPatch - 90 Day Supply
    Part Number: PPPSP90
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    ProPatch+ SculptPatch - Rack Cards
    Part Number: PPPSPRC
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    ProPatch+ Tri-Fold Rack Brochure
    Part Number: PPPTB
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    ProPatch+ Vertical Acrylic Rack
    Part Number: PPPVR
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    ProPatch+ VitriPatch - 30 Day Supply
    Part Number: PPPVP30
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    ProPatch+ VitriPatch - 90 Day Supply
    Part Number: PPPVP90