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RegenLab® USA

RegenLab® is recognized as a global leader in medical
biotechnologies, specializing in cellular therapies.
Manufactured in the U.S., RegenLab® USA provides
expertly designed, FDA-cleared, class II medical
devices for the preparation of PRP from the patient’s
own blood. Regen® A-PRP® was developed with a
focus on product quality, patient safety and preparation
efficiency. Our patient-centered technology has led
to over 1 million treatments provided worldwide using
RegenLab® products.

Refurbished Medical Equipment and Supplies

We’re proud to carry top brands of refurbished medical equipment and aesthetics products like RegenLab® USA. If you are looking to supply your practice with everyday use medical consumables or medical devices from RegenLab® USA we are here to help.

We work with a national network of manufacturers and suppliers to provide access to a wide range of medical brands and products you love. Reach out to Medical Purchasing Resource to see if we have what you need in stock.

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    RegenKit® BCT-1
    Part Number: BCT-1
  • image description
    RegenKit® BCT-2 Plus
    Part Number: BCT-2 PLUS
  • image description
    RegenKit® THT-3 - 10ml PRP Tubes
    Part Number: THT-3
  • image description
    RegenKit® THT-3-20 - 20ml PRP Tubes
    Part Number: THT-3-20
  • image description
    RegenKit®ET-3 Empty 10ml Tubes
    Part Number: RegenKit® ET-3
  • image description
    RegenKit®ETM-3 Empty 20ml Tubes
    Part Number: RegenKit® ETM-3
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    RegenLab - Patient Brochures
    Part Number: Patient Brochures
  • image description
    Spray Applicator Ratio 10:1 to 10:3
    Part Number: Spray Applicator
  • image description
    RegenLabs PRP - Customer Order Form v020923
    Part Number: RL-OF
  • image description
    RegenKit BCT-3 - 10ml PRP Tubes
    Part Number: RegenKit®BCT-3
  • image description
    Accessory Kit - 10ml
    Part Number: Accessory Kit - 10ml
  • image description
    RegenKit®BCT-3-20 - 20ml PRP Tubes
    Part Number: RegenKit® BCT-3-20
  • image description
    Accessory Kit - 20ml
    Part Number: Accessory Kit - 20ml
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    RegenLab Centrifuge Horizon 6 FA - 10ml & 20ml Tubes
    Part Number: Drucker Horizon 6 FA
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    PRP Book
    Part Number: PRP Book
  • image description
    PRP for MSK Book
    Part Number: PRP for MSK Book