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MRVL® SKIN SOLUTIONS products are formulated with naturally-derived and highly-purified Blue Scorpion Peptide™ to promote optimal skincare results.

MRVL Skin Solutions™ is an innovative luxury anti-aging skincare line formulated by world renowned formulators and created by Rick Langley. This new skincare line is based on a ground-breaking ingredient in anti-aging: Blue Scorpion Peptide™.

Video:  Rick Langley Explains WHY you should choose MRVL Skin Solutions for your Skincare Line !

4 Reasons to CHOOSE MRVL Skin Solutions: 

  • Their Packaging is Outstanding and stands apart from all the other Top Brand Skincare Lines out there.
  • Offers a Brand NEW Ingredient to talk to your clients about – Exclusive Blue Scorpion Peptide !
  • Their Pricing makes it Affordable to all of your clients – packaging size offers your clients a 60 Day Supply with each product package.
  • MRVL’s Ingredients are the Best of the Best offered in the top tier skincare lines available to aesthetic med spas.

Welcome to the MRVL® SKIN SOLUTIONS!

We’re proud to carry top brands of Professional Cosmeceutical Skin Care and aesthetics products like MRVL®. If you are looking to supply your practice with Scientifically Advanced Skincare from MRVL® we are here to help.

We work with a national network of manufacturers and suppliers to provide access to a wide range of medical brands and products you love. Reach out to Medical Purchasing Resource to see if we have what you need in stock.

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    MRVL - Luxury Skin Solutions - Professional Buy In - Wholesale
    Part Number: MRVL-LSS-W
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    MRVL - Skin Solutions SPA - Professional Buy In - Wholesale
    Part Number: MRVL-SSS-W
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    MRVL - Anti Aging Firming Serum 1oz / 30ml
    Part Number: MRVL-AAFS
    $138.00 available on subscription
  • image description
    MRVL - HA Hydrafill Cream 1.69 fl oz / 50ml
    Part Number: MRVL-HAHC
    $150.00 available on subscription
  • image description
    MRVL - Super Rich Eye Cream 0.5oz / 15ml
    Part Number: MRVL-SREC
    $130.00 available on subscription
  • image description
    MRVL - Retinol Repair Night Cream 1oz / 30ml
    Part Number: MRVL-RRNC
    $136.00 available on subscription
  • image description
    MRVL - Arnica Recovery Cream 1.69oz / 50ml
    Part Number: MRVL-ARC
    $136.00 available on subscription
  • image description
    MRVL - Ageless Radiance Indulgence Collection
    Part Number: MRVL-ARAI
    $554.00 available on subscription
  • image description
    MRVL - Ageless Renewal Indulgence Collection
    Part Number: MRVL-AREI
    $540.00 available on subscription
  • image description
    MRVL - Diamond Extravagance Collection
    Part Number: MRVL-DE
    $690.00 available on subscription
  • image description
    MRVL - Radiance Essentials Collection
    Part Number: MRVL-RAE
    $418.00 available on subscription
  • image description
    MRVL - Renewal Essentials Collection
    Part Number: MRVL-REE
    $555.00 available on subscription
  • image description
    MRVL SPA - Hydra Melt Body Lotion 6.76oz / 200ml
    Part Number: MRVL-HMBL
    $34.00 available on subscription
  • image description
    MRVL SPA - Ceramide Melting Moisturizer 1.69oz / 50ml
    Part Number: MRVL-CMM
    $46.00 available on subscription
  • image description
    MRVL SPA - Cica Soothing Gel 6.76oz / 200ml
    Part Number: MRVL-CSG
    $33.00 available on subscription
  • image description
    MRVL SPA - Smoothing Beach Facial Scrub 3.38oz / 100ml
    Part Number: MRVL-SBFS
    $27.00 available on subscription
  • image description
    MRVL SPA - 3-in-1 Deep Cleansing Cream 3.38oz / 100ml
    Part Number: MRVL-DCC
    $34.00 available on subscription
  • image description
    MRVL SPA - Intensive Slimming & Countouring Body Cream 6.76oz / 200ml
    Part Number: MRVL-ISCBC
    $28.00 available on subscription
  • image description
    MRVL SPA - Ocean Bath & Shower Gel 8.45oz / 250ml
    Part Number: MRVL-OBSG
    $36.00 available on subscription
  • image description
    MRVL SPA - Hyaluronic Super Serum 1.014oz / 30ml
    Part Number: MRVL-HSS
    $47.00 available on subscription

About Us


For decades, scientists from across the globe have researched the complex compounds found within blue scorpion venom. While their focus was on researching how the venom had a powerful impact on cancer patients, MRVL founder Rick Langley was intrigued by the unmatched anti-aging skincare properties in the venom.

Through extensive research and development, MRVL labs perfected a revolutionary technique to isolate, extract, and purify the complex compounds within the non-poisonous venom. This is how our proprietary Blue Scorpion Peptide™, the hero ingredient infused in all MRVL Skin Solutions products, was born. It’s this groundbreaking peptide that’s responsible for delivering effective results in combating the aging process.

Clinically proven to reduce the appearance of aging skin, the minerals, enzymes, vitamins, and amino acid peptides found in our innovative Blue Scorpion Peptide have been expertly formulated into one of the most advanced skincare formulas on the market. Our goal is to provide you with a thoughtfully-curated collection of products that feature cutting-edge formulas and exceptional results.


After decades of research by multiple scientists and institutions, the peptide extracted from venom of the Caribbean blue scorpion was nicknamed “Cuba’s miracle” for producing astonishing results for various applications in local medical traditions.

Within the peptide are compounds with equally promising applications for skincare. Today, the peptide once recognized as Cuba’s miracle has been scientifically formulated into MRVL’s Skin Solutions products, offering you incomparable results in anti-aging skincare.

This is all thanks to abundant antioxidants and minerals that are derived from the enzyme metabolism of the natural blue scorpion venom. The combination of these unique amino acids have the power to help stimulate natural collagen production, smooth the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, fight free radicals that may contribute to skin aging, and help repair sun-damaged and aged skin.


MRVL Skin Solutions is the only skincare line on the market that’s formulated with naturally-derived and highly-purified Blue Scorpion Peptide™. We fuse the highly concentrated benefits of enzymes, minerals, and amino acids with science-backed formulas to make a MRVL-OUS difference in your skin.

Manufactured in GMP-certified facilities, MRVL is committed to producing safe, quality products in compliance with the highest international standards and regulations. In-use testing has been thoroughly conducted and supervised by a panel of experts that includes dermatologists clinicians.


Blue scorpion venom yields astounding anti-aging results, which begs the question of why other manufacturers aren’t incorporating the star-studded ingredient into their products. The answer is simple: Scorpion venom is the most expensive liquid on earth, estimated at $39M per gallon.

MRVL is able to utilize the impressive qualities scorpion venom has to offer because they have spent years raising blue scorpions in a natural, healthy environment on their own farm. Not only does this allow them to dramatically reduce production and distribution costs, but it offers a way to continually formulate standout products.

It’s part of our MRVL miracle. Discover it for yourself.