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Magic Needle Micro-Cannula 27G 37mm


SKU: EMN2737

Magic Needle® Micro-Cannula 27G / 37mm + Pilot Needle 26G, 20 Sterile Kits/Box



The micro cannula revolutionizing injection techniques for Dermal Fillers and PRP. 

Microcannulas are a tool that every great injector must master.  Patients want quick results with no downtime. 

In partnership with Doctor Bernard Hertzog who, after various researches, designed the Magic Needle® micro-cannula, Needle Concept® brings to all of medicine (aesthetics, plastics, ophthalmology, dermatology, dental, etc.) an innovative technique for injections less traumatic and more reliable for customers.

Unlike the classic rigid and sharp needle, the Magic Needle® does not cut the skin or the underlying tissues. Thanks to its flexibility combined with the originality of the injection orifice, a large number of “fillers” can be used whatever their viscosity.

This injection technique is characterized by a very limited number of injection points, which allows the practitioner to intervene less painfully for the patient over a larger area.

Having become the essential reference for its quality and reliability, the Magic Needle® is exported all over the world.

MAGIC NEEDLE® micro cannula, also known as micro-cannula, are an excellent way to inject dermal fillers and PRP. They ensure that the filler is injected into the deeper layers of the skin while using one insertion point. These disposable micro cannulas have a blunt, flexible tip. This reduces the risk of bruising and swelling, making the procedure more comfortable for your patient.

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  • Brand Name: Magic Needle
  • Part Number: EMN2737


Magic Needle micro-cannula


Recommended for high viscosity fillers


Eyebrows / temporal region, Cheekbones, Oval of the face, Valley of tears, Cheedks, Chin, Volume (body/face), Arms / Legs, Hands, Décolleté

Benefits of the Magic Needle®

The right balance between flexibility and rigidity:  flexibility allows the practitioner to adapt and control his gesture in order to avoid pain and not to traumatize wither the dermis or the underlying tissues.  The Magic Needle® glides under the skin without damaging it.

Minimizes Pain
Minimizes Recover Time
Multiple injections from single entry point
Minimizes risk of necrosis
Permits a better application

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