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Skin-numbing creams are medications that function like a local anesthetic, reducing sensitivity to pain in the areas they are applied. These creams work by blocking nerve signals in the body.

The creams are used for a wide variety of purposes, such as before minor medical procedures or cosmetic procedures. They can also be used to treat pain from minor injuries.

Some skin-numbing creams are available over-the-counter (OTC), while others require a prescription. In either case, it’s important to use the cream under the guidance of a healthcare provider.


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    Mask, Transparent Facial Sheet Masks (Disposable), Pkg 200
    Part Number: FSM200
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    Curist - Lidocaine Numbing 5% (OTC) Numbing Cream - 6oz / 170g
    Part Number: C101
    $45.00 available on subscription
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    NumbSkin 10.56% Lidocaine Numbing Cream - 30g - Professional Use Only
    Part Number: NS1056
    $45.00 available on subscription
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    NumbSkin 5% Lidocaine Numbing Cream - 30g - OTC
    Part Number: NS5
    $34.00 available on subscription
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    BLT 123 Analgesic Numbing Cream
    Part Number: E515
    $130.00 available on subscription