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Dermaplane Handle - Size 3, (Autoclavable) Stainless Steel, Swann Morton


SKU: 073S-NU

Swann Morton, Dermaplane Handle – Size 3, Autoclavable, Stainless Steel

Swann Morton stainless steel handle, Non-UDI marked. Size 3 handle.

Reusable and Autoclavable

4 1/2 inches in length

In the world of surgical instruments, precision, and control are paramount. One such tool that epitomizes these qualities is the scalpel handle.  The most prevalent variants are the No. 3 and 4 handles with standard, long, skinny, and ergonomic design options available.

Uses of Handle No. 3:

The size 3 blade handle is a versatile tool used in various surgical procedures that require incisions, transecting, or dissecting. With multiple design options to choose from the surgeon ensures the right fit for their hand and ease of use.  Having the right blade with the correct fit for the handle guarantees precise control during delicate surgeries. The applications of handle No. 3 span several fields, making it an indispensable asset in medical practices.

Compatible Scalpel Blades for Handle No. 3:

The size 3 handle is designed to accommodate what is commonly referred to as 3 fitment scalpel blade sizes.  . The most popular size 3 fitment blades are #10, #11, and#15 scalpel blades because of their versatile uses. However, it doesn’t stop there – other scalpel blade sizes, such as No. 6, 9, 11P, 12, 12D, 13, 14, 16, and 40, can also be securely mounted on a size #3 scalpel handle.

Field Usages of Handle No. 3:

Dermaplaning: In the field of dermatology, handle No. 3 holds 10R and 10 blades that are used in the precise removal of dead skin cells and fine vellus hair, leaving the skin smooth and rejuvenated.

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  • Brand Name: Dermaplaning
  • Part Number: 073S-NU