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Ageless - Product Catalog - Hydrafacial Comparisons

SKU: PC-Ageless

Product Catalog –  Ageless Serums vs Hydrafacial Serums – Conversion Chart

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Quick Conversion Table:   Hydrafacial Serums vs Ageless Serums

Edge Hydrafacial™ Ageless Serums
Pure Aqua Plus HA – (Part# A101)
Cleansing Serums
Activ 4 Serum Skin Deep Prep – (Part# A200)
Beta HD Serum Salicylic Wash – (Part# A300)
    ^             ^ Glycolic Wash – (Part# A350)
Antiox+ / Antiox 6 Serums Ageless Antioxidant Plus – (Part# A400)
Dermabuilder (Booster Vial) Peptide Infusion – (Part# A150)
Regen GF / CTGF (Booster Vial) Growth Factor Infusion – (Part# A110)
Britenol (Booster Vial) Skin Brightening Plus – (Part# A500)
GlySal Prep 7.5% (Booster Vial) Glycolic Pro-Gel 10% (Part# A840)
GlySal Peel 15% (Booster Vial) Mandelic Pro-Gel 20% (Part# A855)
GlySal Peel 30% (Booster Vial) Glycolic Pro-Gel 30% (Part# A850)
System Cleaning Solutions
RinseAway Rinse N Clean (Part# A700)
Moisturizing / Toning Solutions
Hyluronic Acid Moisturizer (Part# A835)
Simply Herbal (Part# A600)
  • Brand Name: Ageless Serums
  • Part Number: PC-Ageless


Ageless Serums compared to Hydrafacial Serums including Product Comparisons on Price, Ingredients and Treatment Suggestions

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