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EsteLux IPL System

$4,995.00 Pre-Owned

Light Source: Flashlamp
Cooling: Cool Roller, Cool Spray
Wavelength: LuxRs: 650-1200nm
Spot Size: LuxRs: 12x28mm
Fluence: LuxRs: Up to 28 J/cm
Pulsewidth: 10/20/40/60/100ms (Selectable)
Speed: Up to 7.4 cm/sec (Coverage Rate)
1Hz (Pulse Rate)
Dimensions: 19″(48cm)L x 11″(29cm)H x 14″(36cm)
Weight: 48 lbs. (22kg)


2002 Palomar EsteLux IPL System

Hair Reduction | Brown Spots | Pigmented Vascular Lesions | Vascular Lesions | Sun Spots | Skin Rejuvenation
Mfg. Notes: With the largest available spot size, and a wide spectrum of wavelengths (500-1,400 nm), the EsteLux delivers superior power and fluence. Fluences up to 40 J/cm2. Fast, efficient treatments are the result; the EsteLux can treat a man's back or a pair of legs in under 30 minutes, and a smaller area, such as the underarms, in even less time. Lux Y handpieces = Fastest available hair removal for large body areas, plus pigmented lesion treatment. Lux G handpieces = Unparalleled photofacial treatments remove pigmented and vascular lesions for rejuvenated skin tone and texture.
90 Days

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