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Genesis Biosystems - DermaFrac C - Micro-Needling + Infusion + Mechanical Exfoliation

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Genesis Biosystems – DermaFrac C™ – Micro-Needling + Infusion + Mechanical Exfoliation

More infusion means more results

  • Pain Free, no topical anesthetic
  • Facilitates micro-needling with simultaneous topical infusion
  • Improved appearance of the skin
  • Faster, more treatments per day
  • Safer, more predictable
  • Greater profits

Deliver rejuvenating topical solutions with no pain or downtime for improved texture and luminosity of the skin. 

DermaFrac™ C is ideal for:

1. Smaller treatment spaces
2. Travel between multiple rooms or locations
3. Aestheticians, spas, home-based offices, sole proprietors

DermaFrac™ C eliminates:

1. extra steps of delivering topicals separately into the skin
2. the need for anesthesia
3. risk for darker skin types
4. complications and expense of laser treatments & heat issues

Mechanical Exfoliation

  • Bio-Barrier™ disposable tip cap design eliminates concerns of viral or bacterial cross-contamination
  • Provides optimal control of the peel depth for a gentle exfoliation or a deeper peel customized to the skin being treated

Now offering a crystal free mechanical exfoliation to the DermaFrac C platform, now two procedure modalities in a compact portable system!

Customize Each Treatment:

Customize the exfoliation with a variety of exfoliation grit strengths and design

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