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If you have never bought specialized products to take care of your complexion, it is never too late to do so, in fact, after the age of 22, it is highly recommended.

It is not an anti-wrinkle cream, but it is important to take care of the facial skin with special products for that, so, hopefully, we will avoid wrinkles in many years.

But with so many good products on the market, how do you choose the best ones for your skin type and lifestyle? Here is a beginner’s guide for all those women who are investing in face care products for the first time.

Know your skin

Before buying any product, it is very important that you know your skin type, so you can buy the right products and get the most for your money. Basically, brands divide skin into 3 categories: combination, normal and oily, some include sensitive skin.

If you are not sure what type you have, the ideal would be to ask your dermatologist, but if you have not had the need to visit one you can approach any girl at the counters of large department stores and ask for advice. She will probably want to sell you the products of her brand that suit you best, but don’t worry! You can tell her that you can come back for them later… but be sure to check which ones she suggests, they have special training to detect the needs of your skin, and even if you’re not going to buy that product specifically, it’s worth checking what she’s suggesting.

The basics

If this is the first time you are going to use specialized products to take care of your skin, we suggest you start with 2 basics: moisturizer and eye contour. If you include these 2 products in your cleansing routine, morning and night, you will gradually see changes in your skin and avoid the appearance of those annoying crow’s feet.

Try before you buy

Although the purpose of all moisturizers is just that, to moisturize, each formula is different. That’s why we always urge you to try different products before you buy one. All brands have samples of their products, go to a store and ask them to give you samples of several creams and try them one per day. This way you will identify which formula and consistency you feel most comfortable with.


When you’re ready to buy another product, you can try separating your creams into day and night. During the day we recommend a moisturizer that contains sunscreen, at night use a cream or serum that not only moisturizes but also tones, the more vitamin E and collagen it contains the better.

Luxury brands

It is a reality that the more expensive a cream is (because of the brand) the better the quality of the product, although this does not mean that it is the one that will work best for us. Now, in Medical Purchasing Resource we will always be in favor of saving money, but in matters of health and care of our body we will always recommend that if you can, invest a little more in a good quality product that in the long run will represent a better appearance.

Also, creams and serums last a long time, so save a little to invest in something good and use a drop every night and every morning and each product can last up to 1 year.

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