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Eclipse Micropen Elite Cartridges

The cutaneous micro-needling is a procedure that consists of micro-perforating the skin by means of a very fine and small multiple E needle cartridge that goes through the skin without damaging its structure, promoting the formation of collagen and elastin in the skin in a natural way. Therefore, it rejuvenates and improves the skin of the face and neck.

The intact skin areas around the punctures act as a repertoire of fibroblasts and stem cells necessary for the regeneration of adjacent wounds. This process generates new, healthy skin cells to replace the damaged ones.

It can be performed on the face or body, as it can be used to treat signs of aging, wrinkles, scars, stretch marks and multiple pigmentation disorders, sun damage, hair loss, etc.

What New Eclipse Micro Pen?

The New Eclipse Micro Pen is a device composed of multiple micro-needles that will allow us to perform micropunctures with the objective of firming, lifting and rejuvenating the skin, through transdermal penetration.

The Eclipse micropen elite works on the skin with tiny micro-needles that perform multiple punctures, creating micro-injuries.

The New Eclipse Micro Pen has various speeds that we will use depending on the depth we need for our treatment.

Beauticians can work only up to the epidermal level, that is, we cannot go beyond the basal layer and our objective is to improve the absorption of the active ingredients to the epidermis. We must never exceed a depth of 0.50mm for facial treatments and 1.5mm for body treatments.

On the other hand, there is the medical treatment, in which the needles are introduced deeper and invade the dermis. This treatment can only be performed by doctors, so beauticians should never go deeper than 1.5mm.

Cutaneous micropuncture treatment

To perform the treatment we must use the New Eclipse Micro Pen and, depending on the treatment we are going to perform, we will use different types of needles. At Medical Purchasing Resource we have a Dermapen with 6 speeds. As for the depths, we can only use 4 and never exceed 1.5 mm deep.

It is recommended to perform one session per week for 4-6 weeks, then you can perform one session per month as a reminder.

With this treatment we can change the appearance and texture of the skin in a very visible and fast way.

To perform the treatment the first thing we must do is to incorporate the head, turn the device around and press the corresponding button which will make the needles begin to make vertical movements that we need to perform the puncture. The movements generate small micro-wounds that our body will repair automatically and we will have an increase of collagen, elastin and the release of growth factors.

This translates into an increase in tone, elasticity and cell renewal. The Eclipse micropen elite should not be used on dry skin; for this there are different types of active ingredients that will help to enhance the result of our treatment.

Is eclipse micropen FDA- approved?

The FDA just announced that it has cleared the MicroPen EVO from Eclipse (The Colony, Texas) for treatment of facial acne scars. According to Tom O’Brien, CEO at Eclipse, MicroPen EVO is the microneedling pen that the U.S. aesthetic market has been waiting for.

Where to get these treatments?

Medical Purchasing Resource is a company dedicated to the sale and distribution of health products and medical equipment to individuals as well as to pharmaceutical companies and companies related to the world of cosmeceuticals.

We have 20 years of experience in the health market, 20 years built through trust and quality.

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Eclipse Micropen Elite Cartridges

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