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The skincare industry is a constantly expanding multi-billion dollar industry that reaches new heights every day because there are always new advancements with faster results. The nouveau techniques used in these emerging technologies have promising results because we now know a lot more about the skin and have tools that will effectively target specific issues like laxity with minimal side effects.

More research has led to the vibradermabrasion technology that removes skin problems faster for more radiance and health.

How Vermadermadrasion Treats Aging Skin

This recent skin healing technology is more effective because it removes many damaged top layers using comfortable and effective methods. The process takes away about 80% of the dead skin layer using a vibrating paddle with abrasive particles that sough away at these dead cells at high speeds. Some treatable issues include:

  • Sun-damage
  • Age spots
  • Bad skin texture
  • Hyper-pigmentation
  • Wrinkles or fine lines

Treatment only takes about half an hour, and you do not need any downtime to get back to your everyday life because it is not painful and does not leave any scarring. Other benefits that come after you heal from the vibraderm include more collagen production, less hyperpigmentation, reduced pores, and more, depending on the original issues affecting that particular patient.

Vermadermadrasion alternatives

As explained, vibradermabrasion is about removing the dead top layers using vibration to gently slough off the cells for a more youthful and young radiance. The most realistic alternative to this is microdermabrasion, which uses tiny crystals to exfoliate the skin and address various signs of aging. Patients do not need downtime with this method either, so it is just as convenient when you have a busy life and need to get back to it after your session.

Similarities And Differences Of The Two Sessions


They both remove dead skin cells and have little to no downtime or pain. Some issues treated include sun damage, acne, large pores, rosacea, keratosis, and hyperplasia. None of them is invasive in any way, which means they are easy to administer and have minimal recovery time.


We have already looked at the mechanism used in verbadermabrasion, which is removing dead skin cells by vibration. Microdermabrasion uses crystal particles, and the machine suctions the remaining ones to complete the entire process in relatively the same amount of time as the comparative.

There are a couple of different types of microdermabrasion, and each one will have a different procedure. Some will not need any crystal cleaning, which means the process will be faster and more hygienic.

Who Needs These Exfoliation Services?

The ideal candidate for these services is anyone who needs younger and fresher-looking skin with little downtime. We may recommend investing in them if you want to offer services to patients dealing with resilient scarring on their faces or the entire body.

Check out some of our devices online and contact us if you have any concerns about the descriptions, applications or any other concern that affects the ease of use and effectiveness.


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