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Dermal Infusion Machine For Sale

Dermalinfusion is one of the most effective and fastest skin resurfacing procedures available in the field of medical aesthetics today. With this innovative technique, med spas can provide patients with brighter, smoother, and more moisturized skin in record time after only one treatment. The process is painless and suitable for even the most delicate skin! Do you want to know how this innovative therapy works? We’re going to break it down for you.

How Does Dermalinfusion Work?

The procedure is carried out with a portable instrument equipped with a diamond tip developed for microdermabrasion (imagine a very soft, very fine power sander for your face). The dermalinfusion machine works in three modes: it exfoliates the outer layer of your facial skin, cleanses pores with suction, and deposits serum below, resulting in a fresher, brighter complexion.

What makes it so fulfilling, you may wonder? The gadget not only sucks up dead skin cells, but it also collects everything into a compact trash container, allowing you to examine everything that was impeding your patients’ ideal skin health! At the conclusion of the facial, you may show you what the magical exfoliating skin vacuum sucked out of your patient’s pores–whether they say yes or no is entirely up to them.

What Skin Type is Dermalinfusion Machine Good For?

This machine is suitable for all skin types. This is due to the fact that the treatment details may be customized to your patient’s unique skin demands. This includes the wand’s abrasiveness and also comprises the serum used to infuse the treatment. However, because it cleans and changes skin swiftly, it is likely best suited for people searching for a short prep for a special event.

Is Dermalinfusion the Same as HydraFacial

While both Dermalinfusion and HydraFacial treatments are effective, they are frequently used to address various conditions and entail different forms of rejuvenation. Both facials are conducted in the comfort of a professional clinic and require minimal downtime, allowing your patient to resume their usual daily activities immediately.

The two technologies are similar yet have distinct characteristics:

HydraFacial: A HydraFacial exfoliates the skin and applies serums to the freshly exfoliated face using vacuum pressure. The therapy is restricted to the face and only reaches the skin’s surface, ignoring the deeper layers where damage exists and nutrients are most required. While a HydraFacial can produce good results, its application is restricted.

Dermalinfusion: This is a tailored treatment that employs a diamond-tip applicator to resurface the skin and infuse medical-grade serums deep into the skin. Unlike a HydraFacial, the serums utilized in Dermalinfusion penetrate deeper into the skin’s surface for better effects. The method was scientifically developed to maximize the absorption of skin-nourishing serums.

Dermal Infusion Machine for Sale

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Dermal Infusion Machine For Sale

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