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Do you find it easy to buy into the hype of an influencer or friend’s recommendation? Pay attention to what these suggestions mean because many skincare products do not address the deep underlying issues that cause skin problems.

Take a look at this example; a person with a deficiency in TSH will probably develop saggy and droopy eyes, dull skin, and maybe even acne because the thyroid is not working well for many other vital body organs. No amount of skin exfoliations and micro-needling will live the skin and revitalize it to a healthy natural being.

Patients who have gone the length to determine the deep underlying causatives of common skin issues will know they need invasive treatments to give them more reliable results.

Many invasive treatments go past the barrier of factors that prevent proper skin healing and bring about stable health that results in positive skin behavior. One example is the bio-infusion treatment, such as the Cleopatra dermal infusion system.

What Is It About Dermal Infusions That People Obsess About?

The best thing about infusions is that it is almost the one type of treatment solution that fits all sizes. There are so many different types of things causing dull skin, breakouts, and such, and the dermal infusion system can treat a more significant majority of all of them than any other option.

What Are Bio-Infusion?

Bio-infusions are intravenous medications administered straight to the bloodstream via a needle that injects into the arm. The treatments are adjusted to be administered slowly over time, which allows the body to adjust to the new living cells such as protein and sugars without adverse reactions. Bio-infusions were initially used in hospital settings to treat a variety of medical conditions such as:

  • Psoriasis
  • Arthritis
  • Lupus
  • Multiple sclerosis
  • Ulcerative colitis

Our IV machines intend to treat specific skin issues, including acne, excess melanin production, dryness, and more.

Cleopatra Bio-Infusion System

The device has more than one kind of treatment channel and incorporates different technologies like LED lighting, micro-channeling, and dermal infusions to address different causatives from inside the body. You can buy this machine to treat conditions such as fine lines, reduce enlarged pores and improve the overall texture and tone of the skin. All the different parts of the system allow for a more comprehensive treatment, which means you can achieve more than one result from just this one particular device.

Benefits Of Bio-Infusions

Bio-infusions work fast, and you spend a minimal amount of time receiving treatment that will last you a lot longer than any facial. Many people appreciate that they only have to show up a couple of times every month and never have to worry about carrying injections around as they travel.

We recommend investing in this machine if you have many clients who would benefit from the advanced IV administration. Click here for more descriptions of the Cleopatra system or find alternatives like the Miraroller, CleoFrac, Cleoabrasor, and others that will work well for your current skin issues.


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