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Is Time to Buy Exosomes and Boost Your Practice

Exosomes are extracellular vesicles (EVs), responsible for cell-to-cell communication in the body. Also, they are crucial in cell regeneration, and when exosome production fails, different skin conditions appear such as wrinkles, overpigmentation, or signs of aging, among others.

While there are different non-surgical methods to help cell regeneration such as using Kojic Acid or Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP), today you can boost skin regeneration by using a top exosome regenerative complex. You should know more about this product so that you know why is time to buy exosomes.

What Are Exosome Regenerative Complexes?

These products contain millions of lyophilized (stabilized) extracellular vesicles and exosomes. When the body receives these elements it reactivates the natural regeneration of its cells, repairing different skin conditions such as dull skin, signs of aging, over pigmentation, wrinkles, crow’s feet, and rough skin.

Buy the Best Exosome Products at MRP

Medical Purchasing Resource (MPR) is the industry’s foremost provider of aesthetic and skincare products. We work with only the best brands on the market, so you can offer your customers world-class service. We offer you the best exosomes injections and exosome products to take your practice to the top, committing ourselves to satisfy you 100% with our products and services.

These Are the Incredible Products We Wave for You at MPR

Benev – Exosome Regenerative Complex (1 Box)

Benev exosomes are hypoallergenic and are clinically proven to rejuvenate and regenerate the skin. They are rapidly absorbed into the skin, and work with noticeable results from the first few sessions. They contain billions of lyophilized (stable) exosomes that deliver their concentrated power for complete cellular health recovery. Besides, our patented formula contains peptides, vitamins, coenzymes, amino acids, minerals, and other growth factors that guarantee their effectiveness.

Our exosome complex contains almost no supplemental elements such as parabens or steroids so the stimulation of cell growth is natural. They are easy to apply, painless, and with no downtime, which will help your patients get the skin they want without complications. There are several techniques in which you can use our e complex including peelings, micro-needling, non-invasive laser treatments, and even PRP therapy. In just a few sessions you will achieve significant changes, to the satisfaction of your clients, and the success of your practice.

Benev – Exosome Regenerative Complex + (1 Box)

Our “plus” version provides all the benefits of the exosome complex but is more potent and powerful. Results can be seen faster, thanks to its enhanced concentration. It is designed for demanding customers who want to see immediate results in any scalp or skin rejuvenation treatment.

Trust the Best

At Medical Purchasing Resource we put all our effort into the success of your practice. That’s why we focus on offering you the best products in the industry, of the highest quality, and rigorously tested. The intention is that you get results in the different techniques you apply so that your business grows to the top. Do not hesitate to contact us and inquire about our products and services.

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