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Ageless Serums - Starter Package


SKU: A001

Ageless Serums – Starter Package

Includes: One 16oz. Bottle each (Salicylic Wash, Skin Deep Prep, Ageless Antioxidant Plus, Peptide Infusion, Simply Herbal, Rinse N Clean and Glycolic Pro-Gel 10%)

  • We reserve the right to substitute due to product shortages !

TRY our most popular serums before you make your Shopping List. 

  • Don’t forget to add your re-usable Bottle Tops so these bottles will fit your Hydrafacial® System
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Attached, we have outlined a Side by Side Product Comparison of your Hydrafacial® vs Ageless Serums.   See for yourself the cost savings!

Please review our Comparison – Hydrafacial® Serums vs Ageless Serums

  • New
  • Brand Name: Ageless Serums
  • Part Number: A001


Pure Aqua is the foundation of all our serums

Pure Aqua is a pharmaceutical grade water, meaning the same base water used for medical injections. Pharmaceutical grade water has 8 different categories and is regulated by the United States Pharmacopeia standards. The water that is graded USP Water for injection has gone through an extensive purification process to remove everything but the water. Medical grade water starts with purified water then continues the purification process. The water is twice deionized and reverse-osmosis filtered which removes bacterial endotoxins, colloids, particle matter and microorganisms.   Pure Aqua is the purest of waters. ​
Pure Aqua is designed to deeply cleanse while hydrating and soothing the skin. Fight dry skin, wrinkles and aging by hydrating the skin directly. Pure Aqua is ideal for all skin types hydrating indulgence with natures pure vitality.

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