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ArTek Air Chiller

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ThermoTek ArTek Air Chiller system

Skin Cooling

Considering a Zimmer chiller !
This device offers many features currently offered by the Zimmer chiller system at a more affordable price and is much smaller in size.
Manufacturer Notes:
The ArTek Air® by ThermoTek delivers a superior forced-air dermal cooling solution without the use of a noisy heavy compressor. Its solid-state technology offers quieter operation, a smaller footprint for easier portability, and exceptional reliability. With the ArTek Air you can work more efficiently, maintain a more relaxed clinical environment for an improved patient experience, and deliver better treatment results.

» Compact air cooling device for dermal cooling
» Compatible with an array of laser/light therapy systems
» Does not interfere with energy (laser/light) beam
» Offers temporary topical analgesic relief for injectables
» Precise temperature control eliminates risk of frost bite/tissue damage
» Reduce pain and thermal injury
» Quiet operation
» 1 year parts & labor warranty, 2nd year parts warranty included.

» Articulating Arm (additional pricing) $375.00

1 Year

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