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Needle Depth Guide:

Consider the kind of skin you’re treating. Thicker skin (such as mature skin, stretch marks, scar tissue) may require a slightly deeper microneedling depth for optimal results.

MP E (Elite and EPen) Needle Treatment Kits

$510.00 available on subscription

SKU: 1984B (Kits)

MP E (Elite™ and EPen) Micro Needle Cartridge Treatment Kits
* Fits Eclipse Micropen Elite™ and EPen microneedling device
* Original Manufacturer Needle Cartridges. Guaranteed Performance !
Includes: 12 – MP E (Elite™) Micro Needle Cartridges, 12 Protective Pen Sleeves and 12 Individual Tx Sized Pure HA Serum Pumps

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  • Both 10ml & 20ml Tubes available


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  • Brand Name: 1 Other
  • Part Number: 1984B


The E Safety Cartridge is a revolutionary cartridge. The top-selling cartridge provides significant advances in technology and safety.
The E Cartridge has 12 sterile 32-gauge precision points that aid in creating minimal discomfort, rapid recovery and natural-looking results.
· It is used in conjunction with select devices to help improve the appearance of wrinkles, acne scars, sun spots and stretch marks.
· The cartridge virtually eliminates cross-contamination risk by blocking migration of fluids through the cartridge housing.
· The popular cartridge features a vented port to reduce vacuum pressure. Such pressure can be potentially found in other cartridges which may contribute to the formation of broken capillaries.

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Heather Sommer
Heather Sommer
I have worked with Medical Purchasing for a few years. Customer service is reliable and professional. Highly recommend.
holly crabtree
holly crabtree
Kind and courtesy when you call very very helpful on the phone can actually get a real person
Simone Sellers
Simone Sellers
I highly recommend this company! Fast shipping and great communication with the customers!!
Jamie Christensen
Jamie Christensen
Best servicing in the industry! Fair priced, innovative and extremely helpful. I use them for all my medspa needs!
Helayne Hershan
Helayne Hershan
You guys are reliable, fair pricing and prompt attention given! Appreciate the service..