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Sharplight OmniMax S4 - Mfg 2021

$0.00 Pre-Owned


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This 2021 Sharplight Omni Max S4 is preowned from a private Med Spa that took very good care of the equipment and is guaranteed to arrive in excellent working conditon. Please see the detailed information below and attached photos for your review.

Manufacturer: Sharplight

Model: OmniMax S4

S/N: OMNS4-2021-07-XXX

MFR Date : 8/21

7X Handpieces/Thermometer/Goggles

Fractional 2940   35,853/1,000.000 Shot Count

SR 580                    7077/100.000

Dual VP                   1358/40,000

HR 635                    65,426/100,000

QS Laser                2033/1,000,000

AC 420                     2453/100,000

RF Body Handpiece          0

Four advanced aesthetic technologies, all rolled into one device, allowing you to provide a multitude of top-quality treatments to your clients.

  • Flexibility to offer a wide range of servicesThe OmniMax S4 contains four gold standard technologies that can be used separately or in combination, enabling high degrees of customization for each client.
  • Treatment for a large variety of conditions and needsThe OmniMax S4 delivers effective solutions for hair removal, skin rejuvenation, body contouring, tattoo removal, the treatment of pigmented and vascular lesions, and more.
  • Proven safety and effectivenessThis device has been developed after consultation with a multitude of experts and practitioners. All of the included technologies are proven to be safe, effective and long-lasting.
  • Easy to configure and useThe OmniMax S4 has a user-friendly interface that is easy to learn. It includes pre-set parameters for all procedures, helping you achieve perfect results every time.
  • Technology that pays for itselfBecause of the wide range of procedures that are possible, most practices that acquire an OmniMax S4 are able to recoup the cost within six months or less.
  • An ideal solution for new and expanding practicesWhether you are an existing practice wanting to expand, or a new practice that is just starting out, the OmniMax S4 will enable you to offer your clients an exciting range of high-quality treatments.