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Transducer Ulthera, DS7-3.0, Green


SKU: 41.3


Ulthera – Ultherapy Transducers Available (New) 2400 Lines

Transducers for Ulthera Ultrasound Skin Tightening.  These Transducers have have extended expiration dates.

All types available, including:

Transducer DS 4 – 4.5
Transducer DS 7 – 3.0n (Narrow)
Transducer DS 7 – 3.0
Transducer DS 7 – 4.5
Transducer DS 10 – 1.5n (Narrow)
Transducer DS 10 – 1.5

Our Price: $2,095.00 Each

SAVE:  Buy 3 or more!  When you check out – Use coupon code:  Ulthera

* NEW Ulthera Transducers, 1 year + expiration dates in most cases
* Buy 3 or more Transducers & SAVE ! $1,950.00 EACH
* Allow 3-5 Business Days for Delivery
* Warranty 1 year or 2400 Lines / pro-rated

  • Currently Out of Stock
  • New
  • Brand Name: Ulthera
  • Part Number: 41.3


Buy 3 or More & Save ! …. $1,950.00 Each

Warranty: 1 year or 2400 Lines Pro-Rated warranty Allow 3 – 5 Days for Delivery

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Heather Sommer
Heather Sommer
I have worked with Medical Purchasing for a few years. Customer service is reliable and professional. Highly recommend.
holly crabtree
holly crabtree
Kind and courtesy when you call very very helpful on the phone can actually get a real person
Simone Sellers
Simone Sellers
I highly recommend this company! Fast shipping and great communication with the customers!!
Jamie Christensen
Jamie Christensen
Best servicing in the industry! Fair priced, innovative and extremely helpful. I use them for all my medspa needs!
Helayne Hershan
Helayne Hershan
You guys are reliable, fair pricing and prompt attention given! Appreciate the service..