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Cutting the Waste in the Med Spa and Aesthetics Industry

Cutting the Waste in the Med Spa and Aesthetics Industry

It’s hot, and saving money, as well as staying green, are on our minds as the air conditioning is constantly running to keep our businesses (and clients) cool. On top of that, we know everyone is continuing to face the impacts of inflation. When it comes to the med spa and aesthetics industry, there is no doubt that it is one of the fastest-growing industries in the world. With an endless list of procedures and treatments available, men and women alike turn to these facilities to get the look they desire. However, with increasing revenue, much waste is being produced. From disposable supplies to overstocked products, this waste not only affects the environment but also the business’s bottom line. In this blog post, we will explore where the greatest waste in the med spa and aesthetics industry is and six ways to reduce it.  

Disposable Supplies Waste

 A lot of waste in this industry occurs in the disposable supply area. Most procedures require single-use supplies such as gloves, syringes, and needles.  However, significant waste occurs when these supplies are discarded prematurely. To reduce this waste, med spa owners should ensure that their staff is adequately trained to maximize their use by using first in and first out to avoid product expiration dates.  Moreover, using eco-friendly alternatives for disposable supplies can also be an effective method to reduce waste in the industry. 

Overstocked products 

We’ve all done this. Whether it’s in our home or at our business, there are times that we end up with too much of a product, leading to waste and financial losses. Products such as skincare, injectables, and laser equipment, among others, have a limited shelf life. This expiration leads to many products being discarded, which could be prevented. One way to reduce such waste is to track the inventory closely and order only when necessary, thus avoiding overstocked products. 

Packaging waste 

Products sold in med spas and aesthetics facilities often come in a lot of packaging waste, including bottles, boxes, wrapping, and more. Since these products must be sold unopened, most of the packaging ends up as waste. To reduce this waste, med spa owners should consider buying products in bulk quantities to avoid unnecessary packaging, however this is a balancing act as you also try to keep inventory in check. Moreover, partnering with eco-friendly packaging companies that can provide recyclable alternatives would be a clever move. 

Water usage 

Med spas and aesthetics facilities require significant water in cleaning equipment, washing hands, or even during procedures such as laser, HydraFacial, and microneedling. Using eco-friendly detergents and cleaning products can help in reducing water usage. Additionally, only using disposable towels when necessary, washing reusable towels in high-capacity washing machines, and investing in low-flow showerheads may help reduce your water waste and bills. 

Energy usage 

The aesthetics industry requires a lot of energy usage, which could lead to high energy bills, contributing to the financial waste of the facility. Using sustainable products such as solar panels and LED lighting can help in reducing energy bills. Med spa owners can also install motion sensors or timers to turn off equipment when not in use.  

If you’re looking to rent new space, move locations or expand, also consider looking at buildings that have LEED certifications. LEED enables building professionals to identify and implement green building best practices which often means that there are energy efficiencies, and they create less waste. 

Marketing usage 

And don’t forget to market how you’re trying to help the environment! As climate change continues to get ongoing attention, talking to your employees and customers about what you’re doing for the environment is one more way you can differentiate yourself in a crowded space.  

While a beautiful aesthetic result is the end goal for all your customers, it is essential to prioritize minimizing waste for client and business safety and the environment’s sake.  Med spa owners and staff can take daily action to reduce waste. By implementing the six ways discussed in this post, we can minimize waste in the med spas and aesthetics industry. Not only will it benefit the environment, but it could also contribute to reducing operating costs in the long run. This will ultimately improve your bottom line and your facility’s success.